Memory ordering and atomic operations synchronization

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Every time I need to play with atomic variables and I try to be clever and optimize them as much as possible I need to re-learn what the various memory ordering options do. It doesn't help that memory ordering is easily one of the most complex topics I ever worked with. For this reason I decided to finally write down what I (think) I know about memory ordering, making it easier for the future me …

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MIPS stacktrace: an unexpected journey

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Automatically receiving a stacktrace when your C program crashes isn't rocket science. But this time it was more difficult than I expected. This is a short recollection of the things I found out few years ago. This post assumes that the reader has some basic knowledge about functions' calling conventions, CPU registers, and assembly.

Some context

A C program running on Linux was randomly crashing on one specific embedded device deployed on the other side …

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