Charpax: our new pet project

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I always liked the idea of designing my own clothes. And from time to time I made some funny t-shirts for myself and friends. Often with tech-related themes.

Now, togheter with my lifelong partner in crime, we finally started our very own company!

It's called charpax, the name comes from Psycharpax a character from the Batrachomyomachia (i.e. a parody of the Iliad attributed to Homer that talks about a war between frogs and mice). Psycharpax is a mouse, actually the prince of mice, hence the logo.

We have many plans for the future that expand far beyond t-shirts and hoodies, but so far my favourite item is the brainfuck Hello World hoodie, what is yours?

If you read so far, given how long this post is, you deserve a discount code: SMESO24. It will expire at the end of March 2024.